Batchawana Bay , Ontario


Batchawana Bay beach

Batchawana Bay is a bay within the north-eastern portion of Lake Superior. Due to the sun hitting its shallower crystal clear waters, Batchawana Bay is warmer in the summer months than the deep Lake Superior. In the winter, common to Lake Superior, is the upheavel of massive amounts of ice - where it is not rare to be over 15feet high.

The water on Batchawana Bay varies between calm and glistening smooth to extremely dangerous storms that result in the sinking of huge freighters such as the Edmund Fitzgerald! Once every 5-10 years, the waves are even surfable!


Water Details of Batchawana Bay

Midpoint: 46.912064,-84.54139

Parent Waterbody: Lake Superior

FedBy: Lake Superior

DrainsInto: Lake Superior

Estimated Number of Cottages: 50

Road Access

Lies on TransCanada Highway 17 and directly visible to passer bys.


Being protected, Batchawana Bay offers opportunities for summer canoeing, kayaking, sailboating.

Recreational Activities

Batchawana Bay Provincial Park provides a picnic area for travellers and locals wishing to access the beach and water. The bay offers protection from Lake Superior's rough waters making it perfect for windsurfers, paddlers, and fishing.


The majority of the Batchawana Bay shoreline is beautiful fine golden sand with small portions of rocky outcropping. The bottom is almost all sandy which contributes to the bays ocean-blue colour.


Watching the sun set over Lake Superior from Batchawana Bay is simply magnificent.