Big Basswood Lake , Ontario


Boat Island

Big Basswood Lake is located in the middle of the District of Algoma which is a veritable paradise for the lovers of fishing, hunting, and the great outdoors. The surrounding country is as wild as nature made it and abounds in lakes, rivers, and streams.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes of the Canadian Shield, Big Basswood Lake depth is about 70meters at its deepest and is widely known for its clear waters with a depth visibility of 10meters.

Big Basswood Lake is one of several immediate residing lakes of Bright Lake, Clear Lake, Red Rock Lake, Little Basswood Lake, Birch Lake, Cranberry Lake, Brownlee Lake, Foot Lake, and of course Lake Huron. Many cottages are owned by locals nearby who frequent the area for summers and weekends (the local lingo for cottages is simply 'camp').

The bays of Boyles Bay and Phillips Bay are on the western side of Big Basswood Lake.

Big Basswood Lake


Water Details of Big Basswood Lake

Midpoint: 46.323093,-83.39121

FedBy: Acre Lake, lake bottom springs

DrainsInto: Mississagi River, through Iron Bridge, just west of Blind River, and finally into Lake Huron

Estimated Number of Cottages: 100

Road Access

From the south through TransCanada Highway 17. Multiple roads from the west Highway 129 including Boat Launch Road.


Grey and brown salmon, speckled trout, muskies, pike, and bass.


Excellent opportunities for boating and canoeing. Mississauga River offers roaring falls, surging rapids, picturesque pine-rimmed lakes of every conceivable size and shape, portages well cut portages.


Grass and rocks


Occassional moose, black bear, coyote