Calabogie Lake , Ontario


Calabogie Lake is situated in the Lanark Highlands and is touted as a 4-season outdoor adventure. Calabogie has a long history of logging including a dam built in 1912 which created Calabogie Lake we know today. Within an easy drive from Ottawa, Calabogie Lake provides excellent water opportunities for Ontario's 2nd largest city.

Waterfront Properties

A mixture of cottages, homes, and lots are available on Calabogie Lake (see below).

The west end of Calabogie Lake contains the bays of Legrees Bay, Sand Bay and McNeeleys Bay - while the south end contains Nettletons Bay, Little Sand Bay, and Camerons Bay - while the largest bay of Calabogie Lake is in the eastern side with Grassy Bay.

One can easily see why Lanark Highlands is considered one of Ontario's top maple syrup producers.

Calabogie Lake (and the Madawaska River) contributes to Ontario's hydro power.

Calabogie provides the perfect scenario for those looking to enjoy quiet campfires by the water.

Calabogie Lake and surrounding area provide all sorts of summer activities - boating, wake boarding, paddling, fishing, swimming, hiking, golfing, kayaking, various nature. For those into high speed thrills there is the Calabogie Motorsports race track.

Like almost every mid-size lake, the smoothness of Calabogie Lake is dependent on wind conditions - from dead calm to slightly wavey.


Water Details of Calabogie Lake

Midpoint: 45.27269,-76.73977

FedBy: Springs, Barret Chute, Norcan Lake

DrainsInto: Lake Madawaska (through the Madawaska River)

Estimated Number of Cottages: 250

Road Access

From Ottawa: TransCanada Highway 17, then Calabogie Road at Arnprior (and through Burnstown).


Walleye (pickerel and doré), Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Brown Bullhead, Channel Catfish, Rock Bass, American Eel


Recreational Activities

Downhill skiing, golfing.



The shoreline is mostly low sloping rocky grass.


Like most Ontario lakes, Calabogie has at least one Loon pair.


Being a calm lake and nicley tucked in behind mountains, Calabogie Lake provides excellent sunsets and sunrises.