Georgian Bay , Ontario


Georgian Bay sunset

On the Eastern side of Lake Huron lies the rugged yet truly magnificent Georgian Bay. Numerous homes and cottages share the vast Georgian Bay.

Tobermory lies at the northern end of Bruce Penisula and provides ferry access to Manitoulin Island.

Numerous Uninhabited Islands to Explore

It is estimated that there are 30,000 islands strewn within the perimeter of Georgian Bay. A good number of these 3000 islands contain forests and no human buildings, while the rest are used for cottages.

Georgian Bay at dusk Georgian Bay channel


Hikers should be cautioned that the land surrounding Georgian Bay contains Ontario's only poisonous snake - the Missisauga Rattlesnake.

Georgian Bay is also known as the 6th Great Lake - so called because of its size and location.

Georgian Bay granite rock formations were carved by the last ice age.


Water Details of Georgian Bay

Midpoint: 45.210846,-80.710594

Parent Waterbody: Lake Huron

FedBy: Lake Huron, French River, Little Lake, Gibson River, Go Home River, Seguin River, Naiscoot River, Magnetawan River

DrainsInto: Lake Huron

Road Access

Use Highway 6 to access the western side, and use Highway 400 to access the Eastern side.

Located within close proximity to southern Ontario (and in particular the large city of Toronto), Georgian Bay is an easy 2-4hour drive from Southern Ontario.


Georgian Bay marina Georgian Bay marina sunset

Georgian Bay and Lake Huron are world renowned for their supreme boating and sailing opportunities. There are numerous marina's to fulfill your boating needs, as well as a good supply of fellow boaters to share stories with. Both longer-trip sailboat yachting as well as weekend motorboating.


Kayakers and canoeists have a ridiculous number of bays to explore.

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Recreational Activities

Georgian Bay offers every water-related recreational activity imaginable. Boating, yatching, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing, scuba and more. In fact, being sheltered means Georgian Bay has more to offer than the deeper and larger open waters that Lake Huron offers. ...Awenda Provincial Park, Fathom National Marine Park, Bruce Peninsula National Park, The Massasauga Provincial Park.


Georgian Bay cliff Georgian Bay channel

Georgian Bay is innundated with rugged, rocky shores carved out by glaciers and the pounding of wind and water over the millenia. One can spend a lifetime exploring the bays and channels carved through the rocks.

While Georgian Bay is made up mostly of rocky shorelines, the occasional sandy beach is to be found.