Goulais River , Ontario


Goulais River originates from the merger of Goulais Lake and Patterson Lake, then through Witchdoctor Lake, through Ragged Lake, through Goulais River Provincial Park, past the town and ski hill of Searchmont before finishing its snaking down into Goulais Bay.

Goulais River

Goulais River flows into Lake Superior at Goulais Bay


Water Details of Goulais River

Midpoint: 46.68357,-84.46773

DrainsInto: Goulais Bay

Estimated Number of Cottages: 500


Goulais River is known for yellow pickeral fishing, bass, brook trout, and more.


Large sections of the lower parts of Goulais River have high banks mostly consisting of sand. These sand banks are easily eroded and commonly slide or drop down below into the river.