Kempenfelt Bay , Ontario


Kempenfelt Bay is a thin 10km bay of Lake Simcoe. Downtown Barry is situated in the western most portion of Kempenfelt Bay.


Water Details of Kempenfelt Bay

Midpoint: 44.3976,-79.60167

Parent Waterbody: Lake Simcoe

FedBy: Lake Simcoe

DrainsInto: Lake Simcoe

Estimated Number of Cottages: 500

Origin of Kempenfelt Bay

Kempenfelt Bay is named after Rear Admiral Richard Kempenfelt who served as navy captain in the 1740's West Indies.

Road Access

From Highway 400, use Highway 20 / Ridge Rd W to access the north side, or Lakeshore Dr + Big Bay Point Rd to access the south side.