Lake Simcoe , Ontario


Lakeshore Dr Lake Simcoe

A large number of cottages, as well as cities (Barrie, Orilla, Innisfill, Georgina), close proximity to Toronto, marinas, and numerous cottages all contribute to Lake Simcoe being a popular water destination. Thanks to the cold Ontario winter, Lake Simcoe freezes over completely in the winter months enabling popular ice fishing. Snowmobiling, skiing and winter festivals result in other winter activities.


Lake Simcoe Virgina Beach to Georgina Island ferry
A ferry runs between Virgina Beach to Georgina Island.


Lake Simcoe river marina
Numerous marina's service Lake Simcoe.


Water Details of Lake Simcoe

Midpoint: 44.39734,-79.42352


Lakeshore Dr Lake Simcoe marina
There are several marina's on Lake Simcoe.

Recreational Activities

Johnstone Street beach Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe provides numerous beaches such as the beach off Johnstone Street.