Manitoulin Island , Ontario


Manitoulin island rocks Manitoulin island view

The magnficent views found everywhere on Manitoulin Island provides tranquility and a place to refresh your spirit. Spectacular views can be found at Ten Mile Point which overlooks the eastern reaches of the North Channel that separates Manitoulin from the mainland.

Spend some time here, and get away from it all - the perfect place to unwind. The air is as clear as the water. Get back to the wonder, get back to the beauty. Reconnect with nature. Manitoulin Island is the world's largest island in a freshwater lake.

Manitoulin Island consists mainly of forests with farms and cottages sprinkled throughout. Some of the largest towns include Little Current, Manitouwaning, South Baymouth.

South Baymouth Shops and Restaraunts

Manitoulin Island shops and restaraunts

Size of Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island is primarily associated with being a large island within Lake Huron that provides go between access between Southern and Northern Ontario.

Various shops and restaraunts catering towards tourism can be sporadically found on Manitoulin Island - not a lot, but in some spots.

Bridal Veil Falls


Water Details of Manitoulin Island

Midpoint: 45.75072,-82.40141

Parent Waterbody: Lake Huron

FedBy: Lake Huron

DrainsInto: Lake Huron

Origin of Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin is Algonquin Indian word for 'island of the spirits'.

History of Manitoulin Island

North Channel

The North Channel offers visitors some of the most beautiful scenery in Ontario. In the past, the North Channel was a busy commercial thoroughfare. Coastal steamers belonging to the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Dominion Transportation Company supplied communities on either side of the channel and beyond it, into Lake Superior. Logging and lumber were the first commercial enterprises, followed by fishing and then tourism. Today hundreds of people visit the North Channel, including many on cruise ships. They come for the scenery: countless uninhabited islands, beautiful clear water, clean air and memorable sunsets. All of this, plus the spectacular white quartzile mountains of the La Cloche Range to the north, make the North Channel a popular destination for visitors from all over the world.

Jesuit Mission to Manitoulin 1648-50

In 1645 Father Joseph Poncet then serving at Ste. Marie in Huronia was placed in charge of the Jesuit mission of St. Pierre by his superior Father Paul Ragueneau. This newly created mission was formed to serve the Algonkian-speaking Indians of Manitoulin Island and the north shore of Lake Huron. Poncet, the first known European resident of Manitoulin (called Ile de Ste. Marie by the missionaries and Ekaentoton by the Hurons) served on this island from October 1648 to May 1649. He returned to Manitoulin before the end of the latter year but was compelled to abandon the mission in 1650 following the defeat and dispersal of the Hurons by the Iroquois.

Road Access

  1. Espanola turnoff from TransCanada highway
  2. Take the ___ hours car ferry from Tobermory

Georgian Bay Coastal Route

Janet Head Lighthouse


Lake Trout, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Whitefish, salmon, ??steelhead??, ???northern pike???, ???fly fishing???. Geographically, Little Current provides excellent fishing due to the funneling water (and fish) through the narrow channel.

Down the west side of the island, the harbours are calm and fishing boats troll the narrow channel.




Turtle Crossings Deer and Geese