Pancake Bay , Ontario


When first arriving at Pancake Bay, one can easily imagine the early Voyageur's paddling their canoes to explore Canada. Pancake Bay is a shallow bay of Lake Superior that in summer months is generally warmer than the rest of Lake Superior due to its shallower crystal clear waters hit by the sun. Tourists marvel at the bright Fall colours. Much of Pancake Bay is lined by a beautiful long sandy beach adjoining the maintained Pancake Bay Provincial Park with campground and day area picnic tables, bbq, restrooms, and ample parking. Pancake Bay is shaded by beautiful tall pine trees. Much of Pancake Bay is a short walk from the TransCanada highway. Enjoy shopping at the ???Pancake Bay??? Trading Post where you can find unique gifts from local Indian natives.


Water Details of Pancake Bay

Midpoint: 46.974724,-84.72292

Parent Waterbody: Lake Superior