Sawpit Bay , Ontario


Sawpit Bay is a shallow bay of Lake Superior that in summer months is generally warmer than the rest of Lake Superior due to its shallower clear waters hit by the sun. Keep in mind that "warmer" is all relative when talking about Lake Superior as the lake is the coldest of the Great Lakes mainly due to it being the deepest Great Lake and only being fed by mountain streams and rivers.

A relatively smaller bay, Sawpit Bay is lined by a beautiful long sandy beach with rocky endpoints jutting out into Lake Superior. A mixture of decidious and coniferous trees provide some shade. The bay is directly situated on the TransCanada highway.


Water Details of Sawpit Bay

Midpoint: 46.968918,-84.758865

Parent Waterbody: Lake Superior

FedBy: Lake Superior

DrainsInto: Lake Superior

Estimated Number of Cottages: 10

Road Access

Directly on TransCanada Highway 17 or from the private cottage road.