St Josephs Island , Ontario


St. Joseph Island (also referred to as St. Joe's) lies in northwestern part of Lake Huron about 1 hour east of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

The two largest towns on St. Joseph's Island are Hilton Beach and Richards Landing.

St. Joseph Island is a healthy mixture of tourism, farming, and cottagers. Local farms are known for their corn which culminates in the annual Cornfest - which used to take place on the island itself but has recently been held in Sault Ste. Marie - possibly only temporarily.

The western point of St. Joseph Island comes within about 400meters from Neebish Island (U.S.) through which the large lake freighters transporting freight veer eerily close to the island. A good place to view these behemoth freighters is along the south western end of the island. These lake freighters need to be funneled south-west of St. Joseph's Island due to the low clearance of the Highway 548 bridge connecting St. Joseph Island to the TransCanada Highway 17 and the rest of Ontario.

Leading up to the 200 year anniversary of the War of 1812, Fort St. Joseph went through an upgrade and is enjoyed by history buffs as well as others.


Water Details of St Josephs Island

Midpoint: 46.194733,-83.930275

Parent Waterbody: Lake Huron

Origin of St Josephs Island

It is believed that St. Joseph Island was named by Jesuit missionaries to honour the church being built on the island.

History of St Josephs Island

St. Joseph Island is the site of a Canadian/British victory over American forces in the War of 1812.