White Lake , Ontario


White Lake is used by a mixture of residents, cottagers, and boaters. Given its close proximity to Ottawa, White Lake traffic picks up on the summer weekends as boaters, fishermen, and cottagers get away for the weekend.

Numerous Islands

White Lake contains numerous islands reachable by boat:


Water Details of White Lake

Midpoint: 45.304306,-76.52982

FedBy: Various streams and creeks west of White Lake including: <UL><LI>McNulty Lake<LI>Big Mud Lake</UL>

DrainsInto: Waba Creek

Road Access

The north end of White Lake can be reached from the west using Burnstown Road, while the south end can be reached from Calabogie Lake on Lanard Road. From Ottawa, White Lake can be reached in a 1-hour drive west on TransCanada Highway 417, through Pakenham and Waba Road.


Mixture of lined by trees and rocky shores.